About Us

Brandon D’Agostino, Esq.

I am a former practicing attorney and worked specifically on electronic discovery and information management issues in-house at a large corporation. With over ten years of direct IT experience, eDiscovery has proven to be a perfect blend of technical, legal, and business elements. I have spoken at both continuing legal education seminars and eDiscovery conferences, and I try to focus on the more practical, day-to-day issues facing eDiscovery practitioners that are sometimes overlooked. I am also currently teaching eDiscovery as an adjunct professor of law at the Charleston School of Law.

Matthew Nelson, Esq.

I learned to deal with the challenges of complex litigation and massive paper discovery requests as an insurance coverage litigation attorney early in my career. Since then, I have helped hundreds of lawyers and information technology managers address new discovery, records retention, and regulatory compliance challenges resulting from the explosive growth of electronic information. My blogging objective is to simplify challenging legal and technology issues by bringing a unique perspective to pressing new legal problems presented by today’s eDiscovery problems.