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Clearwell Case Studies

Leading enterprises and law firms use Clearwell to meet their most challenging e-discovery needs, while minimizing risk and costs and achieving rapid returns on investment.

Transatlantic Reinsurance Company
NEW! Transatlantic Reinsurance Company
Clearwell enabled TRC's Legal and IT groups to save countless hours when conducting document review. By improving the team's ability to respond more efficiently, TRC was able to realign resources toward more strategic initiatives.

Volvo Car Corporation Logo
Volvo Car Corporation
Clearwell enabled Volvo to streamline their end-to-end e-discovery process using a single solution, and meet a tight deadline for responding to a US regulator on time and with greater defensibility.

Constellation Energy
Constellation Energy
In 2005 alone, Constellation Energy faced 225 e-discovery requests. Their response was to automate the labor-intensive e-discovery process with Clearwell.

Duane Morris, LLP
Duane Morris, LLP
Clearwell Systems helps Duane Morris gain access to the relevant documents in 2 hours, eliminate 99% of data before second level review, and document the defensibility of their e-discovery process, reducing cost, risk, and time for their client.
Holme Roberts & Owen Holme Roberts & Owen
Clearwell Systems helps Holme Roberts & Owen meet commitments for expedited e-discovery and quickly determine case strategy for a Fortune 500 client.
NBC Universal NBC Universal
Clearwell enabled NBC Universal to achieve a 40-45 percent gain in e-discovery business process efficiency, and to perform twice the amount of work as before with fewer resources.

Clearwell partners with a certified service provider to help Oracle leverage Clearwell using the Managed Services Program. The result: reduced e-discovery costs and superior case knowledge and strategy with zero additional headcount or infrastructure.

Saint Barnabas Health Care System
Saint Barnabas Health Care System
Clearwell Systems helps Saint Barnabas Health Care System enable early case assessments by providing a window into the company's electronically stored information, allowing quick access to key content, and intelligently culling irrelevant data, reducing overall review costs.

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“E-discovery costs are a significant portion of litigation costs. With the implementation of Clearwell, we are further streamlining our e-discovery processes, starting with early case assessment, intelligent and appropriate minimization and search.”
Rich Wallis
Deputy General
Counsel of Litigation