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    Clearwell Systems Powers In-House E-Discovery for Betfair
    June 27, 2011
    Clearwell Systems Survey Finds Cloud and Social Media Applications will be Twice as Relevant in E-Discovery by End of 2011
    June 24, 2011
    Clearwell Announces Next Generation Targeted Collection to Help Enterprises Manage Explosion of Electronic Data
    June 13, 2011
    Transatlantic Reinsurance Company Chooses Clearwell to Streamline Duty to Preserve
    May 25, 2011
    Clearwell Systems Positioned in the “Leaders” Quadrant in First Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software
    May 18, 2011

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    Implementing an Effective and Defensible Legal Hold Workflow
    09.01.11—eDiscovery requires attention from multiple departments, the implementation of complex business processes, and often, it includes massive amounts of data. Any one of these elements is cause for potential worry, but the legal hold process is most often the crux of an ediscovery effort, since failure at this early stage often leads to sanctions.

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    International Business and the Challenges of Complying With the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
    08.08.11—In today's global economy, cross border commerce is vital to the success of many businesses. However, to ensure that lawful practices are adhered to more corporations are increasingly coming under the federal government's microscope for their international operations.

    Inside Counsel

    The UK Bribery Act and Electronic Disclosure Practices
    07.15.11—As of July 1, the UK "Bribery Act 2010" went into effect, and in many ways it leapfrogs the 34-year-old American equivalent-the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). By Dean Gonsowski, Esq.

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    Streamlining the Electronic Discovery Process: Tactics for an effective implementation
    07.14.11—E-discovery needs to be managed as a repeatable business process so that the risks, costs and overall exposure to your organization are understood and managed appropriately along the way.

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    Benefit v. Burden: Social Media and Cloud are Twice as Relevant in E-Discovery in 2011
    06.24.11—By adopting cloud and social network content generation in the enterprise, serious implications for e-discovery arise.


    Facebook Cited as Most Important Social Media in E-Discovery
    06.23.11—The site beat out even the more business-oriented apps, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, by respondents who identified data sources included in their e-discovery strategies, according to a new study by Enterprise Strategy Group and Clearwell Systems.

    Inside Counsel

    Inside Experts: Understanding Your E-Discovery Pain Tolerance
    06.17.11—The first step to bringing e-discovery in-house should be to assess your company's overall e-discovery pain, says Dean Gonsowski, Esq.

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    Clearwell Platform to Search Third-Party Indexes With Keyword Filter
    06.13.11—Clearwell’s enhanced IC module aims to search existing indexes to content collections — which includes content in wikis, blogs, and social media — using keyword filters without having to re-index the information specifically for identification and collection in e-discovery.

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    Keyword Searching Next Generation of Targeted Collection for e-Discovery, Clearwell Says
    06.13.11—Thanks to Clearwell, the future of targeted collection is bright.

    Computer Business Review

    Clearwell Enhances Identification and Collection Module
    06.13.11—The enhanced offering provides federated search-enabled keyword collection to address e-discovery challenges posed by the continuous growth of data and the rising use of wikis, blogs and other cloud and social media forums, said the company.

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    Managed Services Meets E-Discovery
    06.13.11— E-discovery, or electronic discovery, is a tough job, but managed service providers (MSPs) in the legal vertical want to do it.

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    Courts Increase Skepticism over Electronic Discovery Self Collection
    05.20.11—Over the past year there has been a discernable trend in which judges have increasingly expressed skepticism over the self collection of data in the e-discovery process. By Dean Gonsowski, Esq.

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    A Whole New World: Best Practices for Navigating E-Discovery
    05.11.11—Information long ago evolved from print documents to electronic formats, which has created both challenges and opportunities-challenges in that the sheer volume of information to be “discovered” is massive, and opportunities in that technology can simplify the process of evaluating and searching through electronic documents to find required information.

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    Winning the Battle Between Social Media and Electronic Discovery
    05.01.11—Social media is quickly elbowing its way into the e-discovery conversation and this new kid on the block needs to be taken seriously. By Dean Gonsowski, Esq.

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    The Impact of Advanced E-Discovery Software on Young Lawyers
    04.27.11—E-discovery and the software that makes it possible is undoubtedly part of the legal industry’s future, and young attorneys are in a position to be able to quickly develop and use the skills necessary to help their employers integrate the newest technologies into the litigation of their cases.

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    Shining a Light Into the ‘Black Box’ of Concept Searching
    04.11.11—In contrast to overbroad traditional methods, technology can now give users the flexibility to see and select only concepts related to the word intended to be included in the search so as to provide the most relevant results.

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    Electronic Discovery in the Cloud
    04.08.11—Why a “ready, fire, aim” strategy doesn’t work. By Dean Gonsowski, Esq. logo image

    Clearwell Systems’ E-Discovery Platform Gets Legal hold
    03.14.11—Clearwell Systems added a new module to its Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, which identifies and collects data for litigation or government investigation, as well as processes, analyzes, reviews, and produces data.

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    A Firm Hold on E-Discovery
    03.14.11—Clearwell Systems has added a new legal hold module to its e-discovery platform. With the addition of the new module, the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform supports all phases of the e-discovery process in a single, end-to-end product.

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    Clearwell Releases Legal Hold Module to Replace the Spreadsheet
    03.14.11—Clearwell continued to build its e-Discovery platform this week with the release of a legal hold module that adds an automated hold process to the platform, giving enterprises scalable, repeatable workflows that will track and manage all legal hold notices.

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    Clearwell Systems Announces Clearwell Legal Hold
    03.14.11—Clearwell systems, an intelligent e-discovery provider, has announced the release of Clearwell Legal Hold, a new module in the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform that allows customers to seamlessly manage the critical legal hold process.

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    Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper Software
    03.04.11—New “e-discovery” software can analyze millions of documents in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost consumed by human lawyers, even deducing patterns of behavior.

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    Reinvent the Review for E-Discovery Cost Savings
    02.18.11—Review can be the most labor-intensive, monotonous and expensive part of an e-discovery project. Venkat Rangan, CTO of Clearwell Systems, shares tips and strategies that can be employed to help control costs while improving review accuracy.

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    E-discovery: How a Law Firm Slashes Time and Costs
    02.15.11—Today’s data explosion makes many IT leaders worry about storage costs, but e-discovery costs associated with lawsuits that require sifting through all that data can be equally nasty. Here’s how one Boston law firm attacks the problem. Logo Image

    Waiting for the World to Awaken to SAAS’ Potential
    02.15.11—Evidence collection for litigation purposes, long considered the private domain of law firms or legal departments manually searching through storage and racking up huge hourly costs, is now getting the SAAS treatment. logo

    LegalTech New York 2011 Wrap-Up: Products, Trends, and More
    02.04.11—Clearwell Systems, an e-discovery software provider, announced the extension of its transparent search technology to concept searching, which is now included in the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform. image

    Time Warner Engages Clearwell to Handle Its E-Discovery Processe
    02.01.11—Time Warner’s new package will enable the conglomerate to accelerate its early-case assessment and nonlinear review processes, which in turn will lower its overall legal expenses.

    CMS Wire

    Merging E-Discovery Process with Technology to Improve Accountability
    02.01.11—Clearwell a self-described intelligent e-Discovery provider, has set out to improve the usability and precision of concept search.

    KMWorld Extending E-Discovery

    Conceptual search and e-discovery from Clearwell
    01.31.11—Clearwell Systems has extended its Transparent Search technology to concept search.


    Clearwell Tool Improves Concept Search Usability
    01.31.11—Clearwell Systems announced that it has extended its hallmark Transparent Search technology to concept search, which is now included as part of the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform.

    Computer Business Review

    Clearwell adds conceptual search to eDiscovery platform
    01.31.11—Time for conceptual search to finally take off? EDiscovery vendor Clearwell has extended its flagship Transparent Search platform to include what it is calling concept search, offering users more relevant results.

    Computers & Law

    E-Disclosure Managers and Rising E-Disclosure Costs
    01.31.11—Dean Gonsowski comments on the emergence of a new trend and suggests complementary ways to ensure that there is relief from rising e-disclosure costs.

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    Clearwell Expands e-Discovery Platform to All Major Enterprise CMS
    01.27.11—Clearwell’s out-of-the-box ability to connect to data silos in the major CMS systems has added another string to its bow and an added attraction for companies with in-house e-Discovery in their sights.

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    Compliance in the Cloud and the Implications on eDiscovery
    01.20.11—The seemingly unstoppable migration of data to the “cloud” is undoubtedly due to numerous financial benefits, particularly for small and medium-sized companies that historically didn’t have the same capital budgets as larger enterprises. However, this boundless upside isn’t without significant risks from a legal and compliance perspective. By Dean Gonsowski, Esq.


    Clearwell Now Enabling E-Discovery in Microsoft Cloud
    12.15.10—It’s only a matter of time before other companies come out with something like this, so give Mountain View, Calif.-based Clearwell credit for being among the first to offer a product for this purpose.

    CMS Wire

    GRC Roll-up: Clearwell’s e-Discovery in BPOS
    12.15.10—With the upcoming release of Office365 — currently BPOS — Clearwell has announced that the latest version of its e-Discovery Platform can now search BPOS for data in response to regulatory or litigation requests.

    Business Computing World UK

    2011 Outlook for E–Discovery Disputes
    12.09.10—In the past several years, electronic discovery has become the equivalent of a four-letter word for large enterprise IT and legal departments, which have struggled to deal with the cost and complications of this relatively new discipline. Dean Gonsowski, Esq., looks at the year ahead.

    Computer World

    Keyword searches not good enough for e–discovery, experts say
    12.06.10—Lawyers are using old search technologies that don’t find all of the relevant documents.

    CMS Wire

    The Top 5 Trends for e-Discovery in 2011
    11.15.10—Each year, Clearwell predicts what’s next for e-Discovery. It’s a conversation we always look forward to as it presents an opportunity to look back at the past year and look ahead to next year.

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    Clearwell predicts five major changes to e-discovery in 2011
    11.15.10—Clearwell Systems has predicted that five major advances in e-discovery will occur in 2011, which could see substantial changes to the way electronic discovery is used.


    Why Managing E-mail Matters
    11.02.10—Well-managed electronic discovery can help corporations avoid a financial nightmare.

    KMWorld Extending e-discovery

    2010 Promise and Reality award finalists
    10.29.10—Many companies promise that their technology is the best knowledge management solution. One of the greatest challenges for organizations purchasing these technologies is to determine which of the companies will deliver on its promise. This award is given to the organization that is delivering the promise to its customers by providing innovative technology solutions for implementing and integrating knowledge management practices into their business processes.

    Executive Counsel News

    Formalized Early Case Assessment Has Become A Necessity
    10.01.10—Early case assessment (ECA) methodology has become an important way to quickly understand facts, assess risk and lower electronic discovery costs. By Dean Gonsowski, Esq.

    Law Technology News

    Clearwell Upgrade
    10.01.10—California’s Clearwell Systems has upgraded its flagship EDD software. Clearwell E-Discovery Platform 6.0 has improved its review module, and added a new identification and collection module.

    Network Computing

    E-Discovery Moves In-House
    09.30.10—More companies are seeing the wisdom of putting the function under internal IT control. Several factors are driving this trend, including an anticipated rise in lawsuits, investigations and inquiries, as well as the high costs of outsourcing the task.

    KMWorld Extending e-discovery

    Extending e-discovery
    09.20.10—Clearwell Systems has released its Identification and Collection Module. Available as part of Version 6.0 of the Clearwell E–Discovery Platform, the new module enables IT teams to easily identify and collect electronically stored information (ESI) while maintaining data integrity and chain of custody. The company explains the data can then seamlessly be made available to legal teams for early case assessment (ECA), review and production.

    Network Computing

    E-Discovery Product Adds Ability To Find And Collect Data
    09.17.10—Clearwell Systems has enhanced its Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, now in version 6.0, to add an Identification and Collection module that makes it easier for IT administrators to locate, collect and share information that could be used in corporate litigation.

    CMS Wire

    Clearwell Simplifies E-Discovery Process
    09.14.10—From the perspective of the IT organization, nothing can be more tedious than searching for data related to an e–discovery request. Clearwell wants to simplify that process with a new identification and Collection module that has been added to its lineup of e–discovery offerings.

    CMS Wire

    Clearwell Provides Non-Linear Review, Wants to Streamline eDiscovery Workflows
    08.20.10—Streamlining workflows is all the rage these days when it comes to eDiscovery. Clearwell’s new Review Module is no exception. It lets users simplify the process of reviewing data by not confining it to one tool at a time.

    Association of Legal Administrators

    A Look Into the Crystal Ball: E-Discovery Predictions and Trends
    08.04.10—As many organizations continue to strive to limit costs in response to the recession, they are changing the ways in which they conduct electronic discovery, moving away from a predominantly outsourced approach and bringing core elements of e-discovery in-house. Cover Story by Dean Gonsowski, Esq.

    Association of Legal Administrators

    The Changing Business of Litigation: Early Case Assessment Rises in Prominence
    08.04.10—While the legal landscape is fraught with misconceptions about early case assessment (ECA), it is the very thing driving significant changes in how cases are litigated. Clearwell's Dean Gonsowski, Esq., examines this shift and why it is so crucial in e-discovery.

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    iClearwell Takes eDiscovery Mobile
    07.14.10—Clearwell Systems recently launched iClearwell, a product designed to meet the evolving needs of the enterprise, where the demands of mobile access and security are ever increasing. Not only is it a convenient method for accessing information while on the go, but it also helps to increase efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness, associated with the e-Discovery process.

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    “E-discovery costs are a significant portion of litigation costs. With the implementation of Clearwell, we are further streamlining our e-discovery processes, starting with early case assessment, intelligent and appropriate minimization and search.”
    Rich Wallis
    Deputy General
    Counsel of Litigation